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Murphy’s law of diapers

Through observation and experience I have learned there are certain inevitable things thatthings that have been with every diaper change happen with every diaper change: these are murphy’s law of diaper changes.

  • if you have more than 1 child both will have diaper blowout at the same time.

  • the poopier the diaper the more the child wiggles.

-.a poopy diaper kicked off a changing table will always land poop side down.

  • during diaper crisis either diapers or wipes will be out of reach.

  • if you have recently put on clean clothes, you will get peed on.

Feeling a bit lonely today as my kids play outside for the first time this year. Last spring I sat sipping tea with a friend who has since moved as we watched our kids play. Now I sit alone having not had any adult interaction other than my husband since she left a year ago. Somedays I really miss grown ups.

Happy Birthday

Today is Saira’s Birthday and if i hear it one more time i’m going to lose my mind. Saira has been walking around all day saying “happy birthday Saira!” over and over again, getting louder and louder with my failure to respond right away. if this were not bad enough she keeps demanding cake, which we don’t have since her party is saturday a concept she fails to understand. in all seriousness my baby girl is turning two today!


Saira has hit that lovely point were she repeats everything I say and I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Sure she is probably going to say something embarrassing or inappropriate at exactly the wrong time. On the other hand she’s learning, her vocabulary is growing, her sentence structure is improving and she is getting easier to understand. Most importantly though is how good it is for my self-esteem. I say mommy’s awesome or mommy’s pretty and she will repeat it over and over all day. So I guess overall the good and bad balance each other out, now if only I can get her to tell me “mommy’s pretty” when were out rather than “mommy poops too” (explain once that everyone poops and never live it down) we’ll be all set.

Blessed Be.

Morning meditation. Trying to mental recharge from the sleep deprived cry fest that was last night as we tried to get saira to sleep without her binky. I have to say we did give in finally and give it back to her. Perhaps we should have been stronger and held our ground but then again maybe she just isn’t ready yet. Perhaps there is a reason, one that I don’t know about since I can’t read her mind, that she still needs it at night. So I think for now I will give up my attempt to get the night time binky away, she will give it up when she’s ready, after all no one sleeps with a binky on their wedding night :)

Goddess grant me calm as we tackle errand day on lack of sleep.

Blessed Be. Positive thoughts bring positive things so just smile :)

An Introduction

My Family-

Me: stay at home mother and wife. 25. An eclectic pagan. Striving to do and be better.

Husband: bread winner. My love, my hero. 28. Pagan. Striving to do and be better.

Saira: 2 years old daughter. Goofy as can be. As pagan as you get when your only a toddler. Ruler of my house…for now.

Tanis: infant son. Happiest baby I’ve ever met. Future football superstar. Also pagan though he doesn’t know it yet.

Boots: cat. Belonging to saira. Named from the movie shrek. PIMA. So that’s my family in a brief overview that in no way comes close to who we really are. I list my children as pagan for now for that’s how I intend to raise them. If when the are older they choose a different path, that’s their choice and I accept it. But until then it’s my job as their mother to give them a special foundation and guide them toward growing into loving and caring people. That is what I’m trying to accomplish while helping myself and my husband grow too.

Blessed be.

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